Vertical Skip

Thilo Frank

What can be created from a single line is shown inside the Johanniterkirche. With his installation “Vertical Skip”, the artist Thilo Frank combines three essential things: object, space and human being.

“Vertical Skip” is a ten-metre high dynamic sculpture presented in the interior of the Johanniterkirche. The elements are simple, the result all the more impressive. A light rope, an electric motor, sensors, a transformer and a speed controller work together. The artist lets a luminous LED rope hang from the ceiling. When someone enters the room, the rope begins to rotate. The more people gather, the stronger the rotations gets. Organic structures and constantly renewing forms in space develop from this interaction. The interplay of light and movement leads to an examination of one’s own perception. Only the observing people complete the installation. As so often in Frank’s artistic work, the interactive physical dialogue between the work and the viewer is at the centre.

Thilo Frank’s work will be on display at Johanniterkirche Feldkirch until November 11, 2023.

Thilo Frank (*1978) lives and works near Munich and Berlin. With his works, the artist invites viewers to an interactive dialogue. In his installations, sculptures and photo series, he puts everyday physical phenomena into a new context and plays with our perception of light, space and movement.