Portals, circles and towers – in their light installations, the Vienna-based artist collective NEON GOLDEN repeatedly deals with the fundamentals of human cultural production, building and construction. For them, however, it is not about creating a new one, but about the question of the potential in something that already exists, about the power of imagination and the power of transformation using light and sound.

The Palais Liechtenstein in the heart of Feldkirch’s old town is a 17th century building with an eventful history. Until the city acquired the palace in 1967, it was used as a Liechtenstein office building, brewery, inn, spinning mill and residential building. Today it houses impressive exhibition rooms and the city library. In their new, site-specific installation, NEON GOLDEN work with the structuring of the baroque facade through the rows of windows. Each window is filled with an LED tube. The choreography of the light is intertwined with the special sound of an analog synthesizer that was created especially for the installation. The interplay of architecture, light and sound produces an immersive, intense and exciting space of experience that creates a perceptual transformation