lichtgedicht : ju can jandl jurself!


Lichtstadt Feldkirch 2018 starsky lichtgedicht ju can jandl jurself

starsky created a constantly changing light space which, in interplay with the individual sound design by Norbert Math, engenders a unique atmosphere. Black and white minimalist forms of two asynchronously running films are projected onto the floor, arches and façades. The artist plays live text interventions into the expansive visual worlds. She directs the view to neuralgic issues of our time, asks about fixed thought patterns, the pigeonholes into which we mutually put each other far too quickly, responds to the location and integrates us into it all: when we step into the installation, our bodies become a projection surface for our prejudices. In its structuring moment and everyday function, the urban situation is visually broken up, taken over, newly occupied and repurposed. A fresh, multi-layered and constantly changing fictional space emerges in a place that we assumed was well-known.