François Morellet

The work “Lamentable” (2005) by the artist François Morellet (1926-2016) represents a deconstruction of a circle. The hanging object consists of red neon tubes, each 2.50 metres long, which appear as individual lines in the room. Put together, the eight elements form a circle that would have a diameter of 6.50 metres.

François Morellet plays with geometric forms in his artistic work. In “Lamentable”, a grid is created that offers the viewer the possibility of adopting different perspectives. The three-dimensional object seems to reshape itself again and again depending on the viewer’s point of view. In addition to shapes, colours and their effects play an important role in this type of concrete art. The expansive object will be presented in Feldkirch’s Dom St. Nikolaus.

In cooperation with the Zumtobel Group, Palais Liechtenstein and “Lichtstadt Feldkirch”,  “Ferococco No. 12″ by François Morellet, can be seen as part of the exhibition “Aesthetics of Existence… Life, a Work of Art” at Palais Liechtenstein.