Nives Widauer

The Elisabethplatz became the projection space for Nives Widauer’s 44-minute video “Kambium” (Cambium). On a large screen between the trees and the armoury, long, rod-shaped willow branches sway in a slow, almost melodic rhythm. The title of the video refers to the biology of trees: the “cambium” is the layer between the bark and wood, the tissue cells of which are responsible for internal and external growth. The diverse descriptions of the weeping willow, derived from its ability to be constantly renewed, adaptable and flexible, often contain symbols of dream motifs, motherhood and new birth. Through all their exuberant references to the main motif, Widauer’s video sequences develop a unique image world that creates, in its timelessness and atmospheric transfiguration, something absolutely present: filmed in slow motion, an intense pull develops at a shallow depth of the visual field that draws the viewer into the oversized projection. With a fixed display detail, the wind creates an increasingly hypnotic, surging trance in the movements. Between the repetition and the dramatic racket of the branches, a powerful image emerges which, through the play of nuanced green tones, develops a dancing, anthropomorphic dynamic.