Holographisches Windspiel 2.0


Lichtstadt Feldkirch2018 Artificial Owl Holographisches Windspiel

Fog rises at Feldkirch’s Chur Gate. Natural air currents in interplay with light form dancing, constantly changing sculptures of mystical beauty. In their transience they manifest a short-lived, apparently three-dimensional, simultaneously immaterial yet seemingly tangible presence. When the fog clears, the projections strobe the urban surroundings and briefly become part of the architecture before being caught again by the fog. With the installation “Holographisches Windspiel 2.0”, (Holographic Wind Chimes 2.0), Jan Raphael Knieza’s Swiss artist collective artificialOwl created a fleeting world: a dream-like, magical situation in which the viewer is immersed and gently enveloped. The simple fascination of light, fog and sound is astonishing and always new.