“… geraume Zeit…”

Annette Philp & Herbert Willi

The German artist Annette Philp and the internationally renowned Vorarlberg composer Herbert Willi are working together for the first time on their film work. The combination of Willis’ eponymous composition “…geraume Zeit…” from his cycle “Montafon” and Philp’s concentrated, documentary camera view of extreme landscape situations creates a connection of special power and beauty. Willi’s orchestral composition is divided into four parts. In the film, they correspond to four points of view: the glacier, crude oil, natural resources, and nuclear power. It begins with the grandeur and beauty of the mountains, accompanied by the sound of flutes. This is followed by images of industrial landscapes whose usefulness has come to an end. Behind it, however, the sound of the future can already be heard – delicate, fragmented.

“Something is no more and something is not yet.”
Herbert Willi and Annette Philp on the subject of their film.

The film will be shown in cooperation between the Lichtstadt Feldkirch and the RIO cinema.