Stoph Sauter

Stoph Sauter feat. Rey Zorro: „Bud”, 2018

An oversized bouquet emits rotating laser dots through its blossoms, scanning the environment, wandering and jumping over arcades, walls, windows and cobblestones. With simple means, but through complex craftsmanship, a selectively defined light space with an engaging effect is created. “Bud”, which is the title of this work, is also a first name, sounds in its everyday ephemerality like the English word for “but”, is reminiscent of the successful marketing of a beer brand, names places in the USA and Norway – and last but not least the title Flower of the female cannabis plant. For Stoph Sauter, playing with words, their reinterpretation and complexity is a special pleasure in multidisciplinary creativity. The artist from Dornbirn transforms entire rooms through subtle interventions without fundamentally interfering with their structure. Bud stands for the general challenge of combining technology with nature, electricity as a motor, the vein, the transformation to light, a way away from overexploitation of fossil fuels. In its ontology lies the metaphor where the urban space is scanned and dissected in an obviously artificial, almost lovely floral guise, and yet remains untouched. Finally, due to too much volts on the soldering iron, the laser pollen had disappeared – what remained was the light of the mirrors, amorphous and yet there.