Miriam Prantl

In her new installation “Aquamarin”, the Vorarlberg artist Miriam Prantl fills the glass body of the “art box” with sea water. Inside, it flows into seemingly endless heights and depths, and pushes out through the panes onto the square.

Not a single drop is wasted: on the contrary, this poetic, sensual connection between space, time and ourselves celebrates playing with illusion. Through the interplay of projection, fog and reflective surfaces, the artist stages a light space, atmospherically underlain by a soundtrack made up of keyboard tracks and sound samples. As daylight decreases, the display case gains in radiance and the flowing water develops a dream-like suction effect. Ritual uses of purifying water have always been means of plumbing the invisible, incomprehensible and yet all-guiding subconscious – our inner motor. If we let ourselves become involved in this play, a fantastic exit from everyday life lies in store for us.