The trio OchoReSotto is represented twice at this year’s festival. The installation “A.D.D.I.T.I.V.E.” in Feldkirch’s Marktgasse impressively complements their new projection mapping “Arkestra of Light – vague” in Feldkirch’s old town.

The special interplay of OchoReSotto’s abstract visual content with Josef Gründerl’s spatially filling, wandering sound creates a place of holistic physical experience. Like a kaleidoscope, the artists design geometric patterns that are projected onto plexiglass panels. The sheets let light through and reflect it at the same time, throwing the colourful patterns onto the façades and thus expanding the space. How we perceive this constantly changing space always depends on our point of view, both physical and psychological.

In connection to the projection mapping “Arkestra of Light – vague”, “A.D.D.I.T.I.V.E.” also poses the question of the vague or additive habit of seeing: How do we perceive our world and what is the difference between fiction and reality?